evreybody wants referrals for gpt or gpc sites me too!!!

United States
June 27, 2007 5:33pm CST
It seems like a race trying to get referrals to your gpt or gpc sites but does it really have to be. There are enough members right here in mylot to get enough referrals. There have been many blogs that I have visited and many sites that I have joined under mylot members. There are over 1000's of gpt or gpc sites and I know everyone is not a member to everyone. We shall all share and get referrals from each other. So with that being said go check out my blog with my gpt and gpc sites I'm always joining different ones so I always update my blog. I know several members also have blogs with their gpt sites so share your blog with me and if I don't have the programs listed on my blog then I will join. Its all free right and your already doing it right so the more gpt sites the more money you will make right. If you feel the same way than get to responding.
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