Do you believe in the Paranormal

Alfred - I found this photo at it was submitted by a girl named stacy and this is what was said about the photo

This incredible apparition was captured in an Arkansas cemetery, which sets off of a road that is said to be haunted. The photo was taken with a 35mm camera and "Alfred" showed up in the negative as well.
United States
June 27, 2007 6:51pm CST
Do you believe that there are things that go bump in the night? That the cold breeze that swipes cross your face is more then just wind? That even though you are alone, you feel that you are not? If you do, come join this discussion and share your hunting experiences, stories you've hear, or tell us your beliefs on the ghastly matter. Whatever the cast maybe, turn off the lights pull up a chair, and find out if....YOU BELIEVE IN THE PARANORMAL!!!
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• Canada
28 Jun 07
Hi I sure do. My step dad told my mother that when he passed on he would come back and check in on her. He said she would know it was him because he would make her bear turn on. It is one of those bears you wind and it sings. Anyway a few months after he passed the bear went on while my mom was watching tv and nowhere close to it. She beleives it was him checking in. Kind of a nice thought. Even now the bear goes off and she thinks of him.