An invisible ranking

@Kurokage (548)
June 27, 2007 8:05pm CST
For me and my friends, I am the oldest. But for some reason I am treated as ifI am the youngest. I think it is because they moslty like things like scateboarding and things like that. I like online games and things like that. So they are always saying Im not going to be able to do things ect. Well it is a barrier that is hard to explain. What about is lower than them, when we are in the same grade, and Im a bit older than them. Does your group of friends seem to have this barrier?
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@cerium (691)
28 Jun 07
I am slightly older than most of my friends. We share the same interests here including many things that may be considered childish ( like all of us love cartoons for instance). Some of my other friends would say things like your friends, but I don't listen to them. Age doesn't matter. What's wrong with liking skateboarding or online games as long as you know how to handle your life as an adult? Some people just want to prove that they are adults, so they leave everything connected to their childhood. I don't have this problem. I still do many things I used to do when I was a child, that doesn't mean I didn't grow up. I really think that this kind of barrier should not exist between true friends. If you are self confident that you can handle your life, so don't listen to them, just be yourself. You have to forget about this barrier.