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June 27, 2007 8:37pm CST
well ok.. my brother is 17, and he has been there alot for me... well i Just made him wicked mad by telling him how i feel.. i told him i fell used... he only wants me if his gf can sleep over or if he wants t hang out. all that kind of bul.l.s.hit. and it hurts me.. but it hurts me more cuz now he wont talk to me... they have been going out for almost 2 flippin weeks. nd they are already talking about MARRIAGE, S.E.X, kids, everything.. me and my boyfriend only talked once about that but we deicide to let life take us wher it wants us to go... but now my brother, like hates me... and im tha type of peron who has to make sure everyone is better, everone is happyer... and i cant do that... i hooked them up.. and now im starting to regreat it.. yea im being selfih. but hi neice wants him and he doesnt even notice her... antyone...but his girlfriend.. and dont get me wrong i love my brthe to death. TO death. but like if my boyfriend comes over, we always hang ot with steven, we let him join us, we like hanging out.. but its like i dont need to be around, unless she wants to slee over... and we use to play catch out side.. everyday.. now we cant do that.. or even play ball. we cant do anyything anymore. and it hurts. ya hes growning up. but hes forgeting who his True, real family and friends are. dont make fun of this cuz its really true, im in tears writig this i acutlly think this is the longest and staying on topic thing ever.. most of all the emotion thin ever... but please help me?.. i cant do this on my own... i have alot of stress and probelms on me... please suggestions would be nice..
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@pudgles (414)
• United States
5 Sep 07
Let him be. He will find out the hard way if he didn't already. Life is too short to throw away on someone who is self centered, etc...I just pray he finds out before he says those 2 little words "I DO" you are a good sister and no, your not being selfish, you are just worried about him.. The more you bother him on the subject, the more he might pull away. Sorry girl, but you are right, he is growing up.
@cerium (691)
28 Jun 07
Do you think you are a little jealous from your brother's gf? Because I think it's normal. Anyway, maybe you overreacted a little. Why not try to apologize to him (if you feel that bad)? What about your parents? Why don't you tell them? Someone who knows you in person will give you a better advice than anyone online.