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June 27, 2007 9:07pm CST
what is home business... what its advantages and how can you succeed in owning your own business at home...
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@acosjo (1903)
• Canada
14 Jul 07
This will answer all your questions
@williamjisir (22820)
• China
28 Jun 07
Home business? A well-raised discussion. To me, I think that I have three home businesses. Business 1. I invested more than 70,000 RMB in a street shop of mine and get it rented for 320 RMB a month. It is much higher interest rate than to save money in the bank. A better business to invest on real estate. I hate to keep money in the bank with so low interest. It is not worth it. I just want to use my money to the extent to make more. Business 2. I have my wife to invest some money in shares to be an individual shareholder to see if we can earn more. Of course, the shares go up and down very often. It is very risky for that. You will have to be very careful and cautious about that. And also you have to be well-prepared for the result that you may lose your money. It is just like gambling. Business 3. Of course, it is mylot for me. I find it a very pleasurable experience for me. I love mylot and make some extra money here. But what is more important for me is that I have got to know so many nice and kind-hearted friends. I regard them / you as my spiritual asset. I love you all, my friends. Thanks for your topic. I like it very much.
@eashoor (307)
• Canada
28 Jun 07
A home business is a sound way of securing an income from home. Most home based businesses invlove network marketing. Many of these people (hopefully including me in 6 months or so)have been able to ethically genarate a nice 5-7 figur income from their homes. Now as to the how: 1- choose something you are passionate about 2-Dont let greed be your driving force 3-Stick by your business and dont starve it or fail it because then it will fail you 4-Develop the skills of network marketing from good reliable sources 5-Set a goal and reach it using appropriate resources 6-PLEASE AVOID GET RICH QUICK SCAMS! For more info go to or Good luck