Enjoying life alone

June 28, 2007 1:23am CST
i guess im not for a happily ever after typoe of gal... im not the type men like to keep for a very long time. I guess men are scared of women who thinks like them... or stronger and more agressive... I cant change who Iam just to have a boyfriend for a year... i cant i rather me alone. so what do i do during valentines, i send my self flowers, some say its pathetic, but i call it reward, i need it, at least to decorate my room. I watched movies with friends and i can stay up all night without a man telling me to go home or asking where am i? no one would call me, except my mom... thats good... my celphone baterries would last longer that way. im happy with friends... i guess one should find themselves first, be complete on their own then find someone who can make life better... that what i believe in... you dont say you complete me to your partner, so will say you compliment me...
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