Photos from Kenya

June 28, 2007 3:58am CST
I have recently been to Kenya on a safary trip and filmed a video there. Since monkeys are my favourite animals, I took a lot of pictures of them (well baby baboons to be exact). The problem is, I think I put the tags wrong because they don't show up on searches. Please visit my profile and the photos and comment. Also, Do you put tags like this: x,y,z or like this: x, y, z ? Thanks in advance. Also also, monkeys rule. Evolution? More like Devolution ( \joke (: ).
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@Sir_bobby88 (8241)
• Singapore
25 Jul 09
well it must be some really rare photos that you will take in life i guess perhaps yea unless you are thoese adventure photographer yea .
@maximax8 (31192)
• United Kingdom
28 Jun 07
Welcome to My Lot. It think leaving a space after each thing you mention in a tag is best. For example: monkey, baboon, kenya, I really liked seeing your lovely photos of the baboons. I saw many animals as well when I went on Safari to Kenya. I took many photos of the pair of lions eating in a clearing in the tall grass. It was lovely to see mother elephants with baby elephants. It was funny to park next to a tree, wonder why and then see a leopard asleep in the branches. I saw lots of giraffes and zebras, a fair number of rhinos and a few hippos. Watching monkeys can be quite funny hey.