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June 28, 2007 4:23am CST
i read in an article about muslim women, this woman are literarily sold in form of "dowry" (i dont know if i spelled it right) to a husband who is assumed to give her everything, when in reality she will be bitten to death and raped every night. i have nothing about muslim people, i grew up in saudi arabia and i even like Islam, but what i do not like about this religion is how they treat women. If you walk in zook (again might be wrong spelling) you can see this black, ninja-like ladies walking in groups, wearing designer shoes and bags, im not sure but for sure even designer clothes underneath the black cloack covering them from head to foot... they are buying gold, like there will be scarcity of gold the next day! buying cosmetics that im not sure if they would appreciate it under the black mask... but hey! its lancome! expensive things... before i used to say its better to have a fixed and arranged marriage if im going to end up shopping with this ninjas! hahahahaha! but when i read about this muslim reporter who got bitten up by her husband... well honestly im glad im not in that culture! can a man just simply respect a woman, simply because she is who she is... not get bitten up, simply because she is assumed to be weak.... women are not weak... try giving birth and you will find out how brave and strong we are! Islam is a beautiful religion, believe me! I read the Koran and understood that men should take care of women, respect and love her, give her her needs... I guess thats what the Muslim men forgotten to read. Islam is a Tolerant religion, it doesnt create war (hadj) for no reason, it must be because it is the last resort... the bad muslim men are the one bad mouthing this religion... i just hope that in a way I can make people understand Islam better. Talk to good muslims they can tell you more!
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28 Jun 07
Thank you for the information. I admit I know nothing about the religion. I think with any religion that some pick and choose what they want to follow. It is too bad that women are treated in such a manner and one can only hope that will change for them. It is never right when someone harms another because they feel they have that right. Again thank you though for informing me of the good points to the religion.