When some one use bad words to you what will you do?

June 28, 2007 7:39am CST
I will see the situation first is it my mistake are not.. then only i will proceed.
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• India
28 Jun 07
In either of the cases I would not love to hear bad words by anyone, may be man or woman. If I am mistaken, someone can blame me openly but he/she does not any right to tell me bad words. Nobody is perfect in the world. Each of us commit mistakes, it does not mean that we are abused every time on our mistakes. So I react at once whenever someone uses bad words for my wrong deed. I protest in full swing and force the person to cool down. Only after that I start talking on the matter and try to satisfy the guy. I have seen many people abusing people and people who commits mistake listen without telling a word. This is not good thing. We give opportunity to such rude person to use bad wards.