money ane life

June 28, 2007 9:30am CST
In my mind,money is not the first and the most important thing.But under the socity's pressure,we should go to work and earn some money to last our life.Money,a heavy word in my life!
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• Malaysia
1 Jul 07
i wish i have more money so that i can buy this and that without worrying about my budget:P we as humans are never satisfied with what we have, hence we often strive for more. we see things that others have but we don't, so we want to get that too. weird, isn't it. we should think of those who are less privileged than us instead of being materialistic and money minded..there are many other things that are much important than money. be grateful for the things that we have^_^
• China
2 Jul 07
yes,sometimes i also want to get much money,so that i can do many things without worries.But i think,in our life,besides the money,there are still so many good things we can do ,and they are worth of cherishing.We should love our life.
• India
28 Jun 07
You are correct jannet. Money is only to run the life. We have to work to fulfill our daily needs. Some part of our earning is saved for our as well as family's use. But money is not everything. If our expectation in life is minimum, then we can live very happy life. If we have more expectation, then we will have to work too hard. This hard work will give fatigue in life and one day will be bored by this daily rutine. So my advice is to keep less expectation but high. We all have to earn money to maintain a level at society and run the family. But the life word covers all things. Money is only a part of it. Happiness is in our hand. How we get it, depends completely on us. Running behind money and money is not the real life. Earn and expense it in right way and make the self amd family's life happy is the need of the hour. Though most of us run behind money and money only. Sometimes we compromise with our social life also. This is not good. Avoid please.
• China
3 Jul 07
though the society is realistic,we can enjoy our life everyday!