Why Do People Abuse Power?

@eashoor (307)
June 28, 2007 1:01pm CST
One of the many reasons I left Anesthesia residency training 1 year short of sitting my board exams was because my supervisor was beyond abusive. After I was sexually assaulted by one of the Anesthesia Residents at a work related event I was ordered by the program director (My supervisor) to "Stop talking about the incident" as it was causing him ebarassment, he also continued to host the same event at the same place for 3 consecutive years after my "claimed" assault and I continued to receive invitations to them. Since I have left I have filed a report to the human rights commission about my case and the reactions I had to deal with from educated department members who thought I was a problem that they wished would go away. I have always expressed to my supervisor what an outrage I thought he was, even when I was still in residency. What would you tolerate from your boss/supervisor/mentor? Would you complain or simply take the abuse and suck it up as they say? What would you do to him/her if you were in charge?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
9 Nov 07
The most common reason anyone abuses power is for personal gain, or to hide something... I would not tolerate any abuse of harassment and turn them if they did abuse or harass me.. I turned helped turn in one of my own ministers I liked him, but I don't care if I like you or not if I see you abusing someone or myself, I will turn you in... as I have zero tolerance for it... I would keep my mouth shut, document went happened, and report it imediately...and try to get some witnesses involved... If I was in charge.. I'd make sure they lose their job, and have to sit jail time, if I had it my way. - DNatureofDTrain