What would you do if your girlfriend is raped, quit the relationship or stay?

June 28, 2007 3:07pm CST
Its really painfull hearing of your girl being laid by friends, brothers and guys arround her; but what if she is raped,what would you do, remain in the relationship or quit the relationship??
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@ydnac22 (802)
• Philippines
28 Jun 07
Hi square! welcome to mylot! Well I stil believe that love is blind.If you love the person you have to accept her for what she is.Her past will not matter to you cause what matters most is the feeling you feel for her.If she was raped she will expect you to be the first person who will left her up,the person who will give her the strength and courage to move on and forget the past.Again true love must not look at the past rather he must focus on the present and the future.Goodluck to you!
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@raijin (10345)
• Philippines
29 Jun 07
I would, if ever that happens to my girl. I'd be right beside her and give my best support that she'll need, as I try not to look out for pleasure in life, but for love. I will never leave her, let her understand that I'll always be loving her no matter what happens. I say, stay and keep hopes alive. Besides, aside from friends, family and relatives, it is only the two of you that'll be needing each others comfort in times of troubles..
@laltu86 (1249)
• India
28 Jun 07
"In good and bad i will always be at your side" , i guess thats the pledge we take at marraige , so we are sharing the happy times as lovers and now when she needs me the most i will leave her because some catastrophy has befallen on her and she has no fault in that, how gross and mean of me. No i love my girl much more than that , i cant leave her in any circumstances.
• Nigeria
29 Jun 07
I think it is better you remain in the relationship since she did no intentionally engage herself in that, that is if you really love her. In some cases, some might decide to stop the relationship.The decision really depends on the partner.If he really wants to end the relationship, it's up to him but if he decides to continue that is his decision since it is not committed knowingly. Some might want to quit the relationship because they want to marry a virgin. No matter what happens, it is a personal decision.