Miscarriage of a twin

June 28, 2007 4:40pm CST
I fell pregnant with my third son when I was 24. I was approximately 7 wks when i started bleeding and cramping. I automatically thought I had miscarried. I took my self off to the doctors and was tested anyway. The test was positive so I had to then have a blood test. The blood test was still saying that I was pregnant and I was sent for a ultrasound. The ultrasound showed 2 amniotic sacs- one with a heartbeat and one that was filled with blood. I had indeed miscarried 1 of the babies but was still carring the other. There was absolutely nothing anyone could do and i just had to let the bleeding take it's course. It didnot affect the other baby until at about 18 wks I had to have my blood test. he blood test was abnormal and I then had to have a scan. The blood test ahd picked up spinabifida cells. There was howvere nothing wrong with my unborn baby and he was delivered 2 weeks early. Do you think that the 18wk blood test was still picking up the cells from the other baby? Does anyone else know about this? please share your stories with me. My son is now 11yrs old and has 4 brothers.
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@magikrose (5432)
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28 Jun 07
It sounds like cells from the miscarried baby. It is totally likely that all of the cells were washed out when you miscarried the other baby. Anything is possible.