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June 29, 2007 12:22am CST
I would like to draw the attention of public towards the apathy of EMERGENCY SERVICES in the country and the response of the departments to emergency calls made by PUBLIC On 7th February 2006 at about 9 PM we got a foul smell in our house and realized that this was from the LPG Cylinder that was delivered to us by a gas agency of HP called MANRATH Agency in Domlur. We immediately took action and kept the cylinder outside the house in the open air. The next response by us was to have called the LPG EMERGENCY NUMBERS. We tried calling the numbers till such time we went to bed and we had no response to the ringing EMERGENCY Telephones. The next morning we poured water on the Gas cylinder to check the extent of leakage and there was considerable gas gushing out of the cylinder. We resumed our trial of calling the EMERGENCY numbers and at last there was one person from our (Manrath Gas Agency) who picked up the phone and the response was “We will send somebody”. This person who received the phone had such a casual approach to the problem that he never even bothered to give us the FIRST instructions of what needs to be done. When nobody turned up after about 2 hours from the time I called this agency, I again called them and there was no proper response I started to raise my voice at him and his response was “COMPLAIN TO ANYBODY, I WILL TAKE CARE”. At this point my frustration increased and I called the HP Plant situated at Mahadevapura (This is very close to the place where I live) Here the people responded that they would not take complaints and that they would not give the contact numbers of the plant officials. (The was an IRRESPONSIBLE response from a Major like Hindustan Petroleum). I thought it was time I called the POLICE as I had no response from any of these authorities. I found the POLICE really helpful and they arrived at my door in no time. Fortunately the agency person landed at the same time when the Police was at our home. And the cylinder was changed. MOKERY OF “EMERGENCY” We see ample advertisements on the television making the public aware of what needs to be done when there is a gas leak. And one important message is “CALL THE EMERGENCY NUMBERS”. If this is the response that the public get from these numbers, I feel that there is no administration in this country and people can live life to their mercy. The argument here is that the Gas agency person has committed a crime which is equivalent to Attempt to Murder (Culpable Homicide) by saying (COMPLAIN TO ANYBODY AND I WILL TAKE CARE). Instead of attending to the complaint without wasting time and giving first hand instructions. If a similar thing happened in a family of uneducated people / for people who are BPL. I am sure the Gas would still be leaking or we would have found a news article of GAS explosion the subsequent morning. Are we waiting for such incidences to happen or should we have proper administration in place. I think HP should re-look at the functioning of their emergency services and do a thorough study before an agency is given to any individual / organization. The authority better know that times have changed and the customers are not paying and waiting to an unorganized and irresponsible service. Please let me know if you people know what action can be taken against the responsible
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