What is the law where you come from on this matter?

United States
June 29, 2007 5:03pm CST
Ok I got a stop sign ticket back in January (13th) and had my court date set for the 15th of Feb. So I go to fight the ticket and it turns out that if you have no proof of insurance at the time your pulled over they have to send it off for 2 months and you get another court date. Ok makes me a little pissed but nothing too bad right? I'll just take one more day off early (losing money and gas). So I go back after 60 days and find that they haven't even sent my information off yet to get it verified. "come back next month". I go again the next month (June) to find out that they did in fact verify my insurance but I cannot have my trial for the stop sign ticket until next month (July the 19th). I am totally floored by how many times they expect me to take off work and drive the 25 min to get there for one stop sign ticket. They just want me to pay it and be done with it but I'm not having it. Isn't there a law that says I have to have my trial within 6 months of ticket? How many times can they keep having me come in?
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