Two car bombs in central London

June 29, 2007 5:54pm CST
What's happening in the world, who is the monster that can plot such an evil attack on innocent people and why?. If they say Islam is the reason behind it they're lying how many muslim lives in london and how many could have been killed, besides Islam clearly forbidden killing any innocent people whether jews, christians, muslims or any other religion. They is a historic story in islam (hadith) that before a battle prophet muhammed told all the soldiers not to kill any women, children, old people, animals and even not to burn any plants. So i ask the ones behind this plot how could you say that islam is the motive behind such a bloody and evil attack. I want to know how many here really believe that Islam is the real motive behind this plot and how many believe that this is just an excuse. Because there are about 1 Billion muslim in this world including me who get judged every day according to such evil attacks.
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• United States
29 Jun 07
and if you think Islam is not behind it you my friend are being decieved
• Egypt
29 Jun 07
I know that their cover would probably be islam, but if the islam teachings order us to do such things then how could many people be muslims although its against human nature to do such thing. My friend the problem is in stereotyping, if i was to judge in the same way you did i would say that all americans are murderers and that the american policy is to kill others, seeing what the atomic bomb did to the japanese. But I don't because when I judge the situation I'll look at all the american history and i'll see that there were marvelous stories of freedom and humanity. The same should go for islam, you shouldn't judge islam just by looking to such attacks to people who claim its for islam you should look to the islamic history as a whole which will tell you alot about the truth of islam.