Brunei Darussalam
June 29, 2007 10:09pm CST
probably it's one of human nature to be judgemental.. sometimes we might not notice it, but we're actually doing it.. you meet people everywhere..and sometimes we walk w/ them on the streets then you can't help but comment at the bck of your mind regarding their clothes, make-up, shoes, etc.. is it ok to do that? i mean i guess it's normal to comment on things but what if in a case wherein to the extent that you would spread the words about it; something you have seen, somebody you have met, and not even knowing them deeply..but there you go, jst telling your friends about it even without knowing the real thing..do we have a right for this?
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@vonn1378 (706)
• Philippines
4 Jul 07
I concur with you that having that attitude is part of being human. And sometimes we did'nt notice that we actually criticizing or judging a certain person. But telling or gossiping your friends about that is a different story. Its not okay because you're spreading a gossip without a basis but your own judging. That's unfair and unethical.