How would you react, or feel??..

June 29, 2007 10:41pm CST
How are you going to react when you seen your wife on a big screen having affair with someone else and married man?Knowing that your wife is madly inlove with you, only shes doing it to make revenge because she was really jealous with your officemate?.Could you still continue living with her?.Could you still give her the second chance after the shame?
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• Philippines
2 Jul 07
Is this for real, like a wife is on big screen , an actress?.
@Ploy1854 (59)
• Canada
30 Jun 07
She is your wife and you love her, right? Feeling betrayed by someone we love is a real pain. I know that, but don't give up yet. What she did is really really wrong. Now it's your choice to forgive her or not. You both must talk about this and figure it out before it's too late. ( Even she shouldn't really do it) How bad is the affair? Is it gone too far? I hope that you can work it out with her and make it clear that you love each other that much that you both will never hurt each other feelings like this. (of course I think it's not you who do this. It's her completely )