Your imaginary friend and her/his problems

@magica (3710)
June 30, 2007 12:09am CST do you feel when you need to share with a big audience like this one in MyLot about your very deep problems? Do you do it free - here you dont know the people and they are not a danger for you? Or do you prefer to talk more neutral using a imaginary fact "your friend has theese problems...not you" hoping that this is easier way to get normal replies?
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@laridbz (1287)
• China
30 Jun 07
Hahaha! Lots of people talk about "friends" who have the most complicated problems ever, when they're actually talking about themselves. I do even worse, I guess: I simply don't talk about things that deeply bother me at all. And I do it this way here, with my family, friends, other online communities, etc. I try to ignore the problems. This way I feel a little better about them. So no, I never in my life used the imaginary friend as an excuse for getting advices. I try to deal with my problems by myself instead. Now that I'm writing this I can see how wrong I act about this, trying to disguise uncomfortable situations.
@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
30 Jun 07
There is another point of view too. If we really talk about REAL friends with REAL problems what are too serious indeed, is it fair to discuss them here? How it fits with our ethic and loyalty? Yes, yes, we all want to help to them, but...where is the limit?
@stacyv81 (5904)
• United States
1 Jul 07
no, I usually use myself, If I feel embarrassed about it, I wont say anything on here. If I say my friend, than I am usually talking about my friend. I havent used that before, but I know a lot of people do. =)
@aidonia (4210)
• Greece
30 Jun 07
I don't like talk about very personal problems anyway.If I do I never will use a imaginary friend but directly ask about myself.If you check my profile you never will see a discussions about friend problem. Not only I don't use imaginary friend but also will not like ask about a problem that one of my real friend have.I'm not sure if these person will like it I talk about her problems even here.I don't like do stuff like these,I respect my friends and them problems.