Reclaim your bank charges!

June 30, 2007 7:28am CST
Is your bank putting you in debt and ruining your credit rating? I claimed back £2100 in unlawful bank charges! It's easy to do. Just get your bank statements for the past 6 years and add up all the charges for returned Direct Debits and unauthorised overdrafts, these charges range from £20 to £40. If you haven't got your statements you can request them from your bank for a £10 fee (which you can claim back from them too). Once you have added up your charges, ask them nicely to return them as you realise now that they are unlawful. If they refuse or don't reply within 14 days, tell them they have another 14 days to reply or you will take them to court. You can either do this on line or at your local county court. Don't forget to add the interest at this stage and your court costs. You have to be brave and hold out as they will file a defence but about a fortnight before your court date they will pay up! Any help you need, go to The people there are wonderful and have done it themselves.
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