still evolution

June 30, 2007 9:56am CST
i want to know is it (evolution) happens or occurs in we humans
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@leavert65 (1018)
• Puerto Rico
11 Jul 07
No, we haven't observed man evolving whatsoever. We haven't haven't observed animals evolving. Don't listen to people who tell you that the only challenge to evolution is religion, that's just plain ignorance. There's plenty of science that challenges the theory as well.
• Canada
11 Jul 07
its clear that you have not studied. we observe bacteria evolve all the time..
• Canada
11 Jul 07
yea, your absolutely right! "not listening" is NOT a form of ignorance is it?
@Oeillade (87)
30 Jun 07
Why wouldn't it? It happens in all other animals! Do you really think you are biologically that different to other animals? It just takes longer as we live longer and it takes us longer to mature and produce the next generation. You have been listening to religious nutters too much. Get out into the real world and learn some science. Only looneys think creation from the bible is real!