guys hate bringing umbrella with them!

@Bujoyseth (1684)
June 30, 2007 11:58am CST
i have noticed since my high school days. this is about boys who don't want to bring umbrella with them even if the rain doesn't stop to fall.. they would prefer runniing under the rain than hold an umbrella .. why?
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@franziska (410)
• Italy
12 Aug 07
I think because the umbrella keeps busy one hand and then because it's heavy and to end because men don't have to protect their hair!!!
@anousha (406)
• Mauritius
11 Aug 07
Guys are supposed to be more resistant and tough thus they should not be disturbed by rain so why should they carry an umbrella! Though I personally think its stupid coz u prefer to be drenched in the rain and may possibly be sick just to act like a "real" guy and avoid an umbrella!
11 Aug 07
They think that if they have an umbrella it will make everyone think that they are gay. No, I don't understand this either. I think they think it is somehow not manly to want to protect yourself from the rain, because it implies you are worried about getting your clothes and hair wet, and men are not supposed to care about those things. I also notice that on the occasions when men do carry umbrellas they are always those big huge golf umbrellas rather than the smaller foldaway types. This is because a) they want an umbrella that covers more than one person, so then they can make the excuse it is not to protect them from the elements, oh no, it is to shelter his wife or girlfriend because he is a MAN and it is his job to protect her. And also because b) it is a phallic symbol.
@josan181237 (1204)
• Philippines
11 Aug 07
yeah i have noticed that too. my boyfriend only holds the umbrella when he's with me. but if i'm not around and i told him to bring an umbrella because it might rain he won't do it. he won't even buy one even if i tell him that it will come in handy. i have to lend him my umbrella but he only uses it when i'm around. men think umbrellas are only for women. lol _
@ashar123 (2357)
• India
11 Aug 07
I think this may only happen in your country. Here in Pakistan all boys and men prefer wearing long rain coats or hold umbrellas.
@maehan (1439)
• United States
11 Aug 07
Yes, ha ha ha, I remember, true, my husband, brother, male colleague and friend do not carry umbrella even they are carrying a messenger bag or harversack. I did ask them, they say it is not raining when they came out from the house and it is HEAVY.
@miryam (6505)
• Italy
30 Jun 07
never i hate it,,if rain i go in car,,,,,,,if possible i'm in home and not go out bye
@Lakota12 (42600)
• United States
30 Jun 07
Good question and I have no answer amybe they forget it like I do.
@aidonia (4209)
• Greece
30 Jun 07
I'm woman now but since I was a young girl I never liked carry an umbrella,still I don't like it at all.Even when rain I gave one to my son and I prefer walk under the rain.I open one (if I remember take with me,I never carry one at my back)I open it when will rain very strong,and again if I'm near I prefer don't open.Crazy ?Maybe lol:
• Philippines
2 Jul 07
Yes, for them they can avoid cough and flu by running fast in the rain, rather than holding umbrella and walk with flood. And they don't like to look soft, because some of the guys might think they are because they are bringing an umbrella.
@Madona1 (2096)
• Gibraltar
8 Aug 07
I don’t like to carry umbrella very much either, as it will make my handbag heavier. If I hand carry, I don’t think it is handy. So I always find the way out to leave a spare one in the office. Therefore, I won’t get wet when it rains. For guys, I can imagine why they don’t like to carry the umbrellas, as they are not handy, are they? And I don’t think they would prefer running under the rain either. The point is they have to put up the consequents without carrying the umbrellas. LOL
@thefuture (1749)
• Nigeria
30 Jun 07
Yes friend, it happens to boys. One thing with boys is, they don't like holding unbrellas cos they feel it is like a load to them. That't one of the reason.
@squaretile (3778)
• Singapore
8 Aug 07
yeah it's some macho thing. it seems sissy to carry an umbrella. they would rather get wet. than to be seen carrying an umbrella. for me, I always would rather stay nice and dry. thank you very much! :)
@gr8life (6251)
• Malaysia
30 Jun 07
Hello Bujoyseth, I do realize that boys don't like to bring or use umbrella. I think it is just not 'manly' enough for them to do so. They always relate the umbrella as a girl's thing. As for me, honestly speaking: I don't like to bring or use umbrella too *smile* I feel so much burden and uncomfortable to bring along an umbrella with me when it rains or hot and whenever I use the umbrella, I will get the same amount of water on me as when I don't use it at all *laugh*