herbal medicines or medicines from the drug store????

@Bujoyseth (1684)
June 30, 2007 12:02pm CST
what do you prefer to take? herbs or medicines from the drug store.. we all know that before the discovery of all the medicines we are buying now, our ancestors only take herbal medicines before? the question is, which is more effective between the two?
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• India
8 Aug 07
I would prefer to take herbal one. I normally give time to my immune system to recover from any illness. I know it's new for all of you. But, our immune system is very efficient to tackle with normal or seasonal illness.
@Madona1 (2096)
• Gibraltar
8 Aug 07
I know there is a tendency of herbal medicines is more popular and recognized by the public, but without an herbal medicines doctors’ prescription I can go nowhere. At the moment, I only know one herbal medicine called ‘Agnus Castus’ that can balance my hormone and relief my early menopause syndromes as I have used and proved its effect.
@Lakota12 (42600)
• United States
30 Jun 07
I dont know about you but I hate to take perscription med. have you ever read the warning of what might go wrong with you if you take it! SOme if ya take it you cant get in the sun now how do dyou not get in the sun if you have to go some wheres others have so many side effects it scares me to even think about it . I would rather try all the old home remidies first.
@thefuture (1749)
• Nigeria
30 Jun 07
When I was a kid, my parents where used to herbal medicines, but when I grew up and got education, I didn't developed much interest in it, though I still like it.
@Inky261 (2520)
• Germany
1 Jul 07
Both kinds of medicines are good and have their use. I prefer herbal medicine for minor every day ailments. But there are conditions that require "normal" medicine. We should be grateful that there is both. Teas or homeopathic medicine can help us a lot but we can be glad that the penicelin has been invented and many other chemicals, too.
@squaretile (3778)
• Singapore
8 Aug 07
i would take herbal or traditional chinese medicines when my illness is minor like a sore throat. there is this cough syrup called pi pa gao that is very good for that. however, once i have a fever, that's when off to the doctor i go to get some western medicine. like anti-biotics. they heal much faster i feel that western medication cures the symptoms faster, but some say chinese medicines cure the root causes. now with all sorts of food scares from china i don't really trust the medication coming out of there anymore.
@aidonia (4209)
• Greece
30 Jun 07
I don't like go to doctors and avoid take medicines as much |I can.I don't know much things about herbal medicines but my husband knows more than me.He learn few things from him mother.as you know the old people are special about herbals lol: when I visit her i try learn little more about herbal medicines.
@gr8life (6251)
• Malaysia
30 Jun 07
Hello Bujoyseth, I don't like herbs at all. So I always go for medicines. It is hard for me to take herbs because of the smell. I don't know which is better as I never try the other one *smile*