breastfeeding in public?

@Bujoyseth (1684)
June 30, 2007 12:36pm CST
in our place, i always see mothers who breastfeed their baby in public.. i think, i can't do this. yes, i breastfeed my baby but not in public place, i do it in private, at home.. biut why do other mothers do this in public? what can you say about this?
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@naadia (828)
• India
30 Jun 07
me too noticed this and had a funny experience too!one day me and cousin with our family going to a restaurant.after some time the baby sitting just opposite started to cry with full volume!so all eyes went to the baby,at same time that lady began to feed baby,without any shy!my eyes suddenly on my cousin's face.his face was red(whenever he feel shy,his face become red).i thought he not able to see this but because of this baby's loud cry,he turned!.so i think feeding in public must be do with some care,otherwise it will upset some people!
• United States
5 Oct 07
When the baby's gotta eat, the baby's gotta eat! What do you do when you are in public? Bottlefeed? Or do you just stay home all the time???
@Marie2473 (8512)
• Sweden
1 Jul 07
A baby has to eat even in a public place =) I do not mind when women do this and I do not know how I will do when I have kids. Here in sweden there are actually many rooms that have been nicly decorated that are for this purpose around the city - great idea,!
• Philippines
2 Jul 07
i think, because they are now a mother they are not ashamed if what they will be look like in public while feeding her baby. Their priority is the health of their baby than their image. Actually, i admire them because they can do that, but if i will be a mother, i choose to do that privately, or i will bring feeding bottle instead.
@mymytri (2030)
• India
1 Jul 07
hi bujoyseth.I too see this in my place.They dont observe where they are.My place is a village and they often do that and dont shy..What is wrong to feed baby if he/she is hungry even in public places.This was the reply to my question when i asked a lady about this in my teens.I was feeling little bit embrassing and shy to see them at that time.Now am taking it easy.But when i go to city i dont see anybody feeding their baby in public.
@arsonizta (944)
• Philippines
1 Jul 07
Maybe they have no milk bottles with them.. Or maybe they just want to show off. lol