I am Myself

June 30, 2007 7:09pm CST
Okay, I didn't write this but I came across this poem a couple of years back while doing research for a college paper on multiracial people. It's still one of my faves till today and I just wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy! I am like the water; I am the sea I hold no shape; I hold no place I am nowhere yet all over And I am still yet I am flowing I am clear; I have no color But I love to reflect assorted tints I can be azure like the couldless sky And I can be gold like the setting sun I am caprious, so-to-speak I change myself as I feel When I'm happy, I'll be gentle But when I'm not, I'll be rough I am caring; I am concerned I look after all those around I try to guide all lost vessles Back on the route safely home I want to be the best for those Who seek for me and care for me For those in trouble, for those in tears I want to comfort as much as I can I wander; I drift I search; I look I fight; I protect I rest; I dream I am strong; I am weak I am trying; I am challenging I search for myself; I see my shadow I am who I am: I am myself I want to be the water I want to be the sea - Sugiyama
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