Do you have lots of pictures of sunset or sunrise? Do you want to share it here?

sunset in manado - Sunset in Manado is very fascinating and everyday it drew different colors. This shot was taken from my house, view from my terrace. I used my prosumer digital camera and zoom it in maximum 5x. If only I had better camera bigger telephoto lens I could have got it clear and less pixilate.
@yanees (27)
June 30, 2007 9:23pm CST
I sugest all photography fanantics and mylotters,why don't we start sharing our sunset and sunrise photos here, and get feedbacks, critics and tips how to get a good shot of sunset and sunrise? Isn't it fun sharing our interests and at the same time earning? You may start other photo subjects as well and we'll do the same, we'll give feedback,replies to your photos. By this we'll get lots of response we need and at the same time make use of our interest in photography. Lets do it interestingly. What do you think?
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• United States
1 Jul 07
Sunset - a nice colorfull sunset by my house in Pennsylvania
I love to take sunset pics. My husband says Im facinated by the colors. Which I am!!! I have a million sunset pics. Here is just one of them. Your sunset is very cool I like it alot.
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@matte5 (1913)
• Sweden
6 Jul 07
Hello yanees. I think this is a greate ide, I hawe posted some of mine sunset and sunrising photos here at mylot and hawe get wery good respons of them so I hope that wee can find alot of them soon. Hawe anice day.
@zemlene (354)
• Philippines
2 Jul 07
i have a sunset shot in the beach and i wanna share it i too. i love taking pics...