favourite housemate

June 30, 2007 9:44pm CST
Who is your favourite housemate this year and do you think this is the best bb ever or the worst?? why is that person your fav housemate??? My favourite is tracey because she is the ost real one in there she has no gameplan and she is down to earth and funny. I dont know if this is my best bb yet at the moment i would say no because bb6 i really enjoyed.
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7 Jul 07
i have to say that brian is growing on me, its the daft way he says things and how he gets excited....the task where he had to answer 3 questions had me in stitchs. as for the best bb yet i would have to say the one with spencer, kate, pf and jade was in it (cant remember what year) i can still picture them sneaking through the bars to steal food with duvets over them thinking bb would be able to tell who was who