Worst Game You've Ever Played

United States
June 30, 2007 10:11pm CST
Before the PS2, Gamecube, X-Box games, we've all played a game that just plain suck. I've seen some games come and go and never bothered with them again. For the Atari 2600, E.T. has been brought up as one of the single worst games of all time and no 2nd game was ever made. The game itself was probably a video game record, which was 6 weeks in delivery. While I can't fault it for that, it wasn't exactly a great game. It could have been possibly if more time was given to develop as I believe a game can take 9 months and higher depending on how complex it is going to be made. The worst game I have ever played was the NES game would be Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I didn't really like this too much as I felt it didn't really do the movie justice. It was an example of a movie that couldn't properly convert into a game. I thought the movie was good, the game not so much. I've mostly played games that were good but as I said, there have been some bad ones. Of course, there have been games that were just ok. I also seem to recall playing Ghostbusters on the NES when I was younger. It bugged me because it was always so random whenever a building would flash red to enter. What's even worse is those ridiculous cars that doesn't seem to know the rules of driving and wants to ram you for no reason. Gas has to be bought, which is ridiclous and then the Zuul building takes forever to enter. You'd either have to be really good at that or use a Game Genie to make it there. What was the worst game in the Pre-PS2, Gamecube, and X-Box era that you have ever played?
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