what are the experience you've encounter as lovers?

@kilayko (170)
June 30, 2007 10:55pm CST
for me a lot of trials and problems that come to our relationship,but we to have cooperate in both partners so it can work it out whatever the problem is.for me i've experience and the most painful happen to our relationship is about the third partners i think that was the last of our relationship,but we confront it and talk why,whatis the reason,and locking in both of us.we talk about what we feel,sometimes partners feel insecurity,doubtful,curiousity,not trusting be we try work it out until we settle it.so i said to my partner i need time and space to think it,he said dont try to escape the problem we have face it.and the most god's will always at your center of your relationship so,whatever temptation will it will nt easy to destroy the relationship you bild to each other for almost a year.
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