July 1, 2007 9:04am CST
do u love fish as bets?
5 responses
@luvcatzzz (208)
• United States
1 Jul 07
absolutely! they have personalities too! i have three betta fish and each has his own personality... i also have a 29 gallon with a big fat oranda goldfish... and so does he. they're very cool.
• Egypt
2 Jul 07
i love betta fish
@roxanne271 (2035)
• Trinidad And Tobago
14 Apr 08
Yes I sure do. I had alot of them up until recently (alot of varieties too) must have been over 500 or more fishes all together. But I sold them cause when I got a job I didn't have the time to take care of them all. Now my dad has some Japanese Kois, tin foil barbs and I have some very young Bala Sharks. I miss all my other fishes though!
@kalass (611)
• India
14 Apr 08
We do have a aquarium in our house. So its like having fishes as pets.
@HighReed1 (1126)
• United States
4 Jul 07
I like having fish as pets. They are relaxing to watch. I had a beta in a 10 gal. tank. My son wanted a goldfish, so we got one of those too. My beta got depressed when we had to get rid of the goldfish (he got too big for the tank). So we had to get my fish another goldfish friend. Fish definitely have personalities. And can learn. I had a couple of guppies, a couple of mollies and a beta in my tank. I fed them morning and when I got home at night. My husband got home earlier than me. The fish figured out that if they popped the top with their mouths, like they are starving, that my husband would feed them. So they would get fed 3 times a day! LOL
@ertzinas (239)
• Finland
3 Jul 07
Fishes are cool, but i don't love em as pets because they can't really play with you or you can't really do anything but watch em swimming in the aquarium or in bowl. But still they are very nice looking and cute so if i would have extra money and care i would get few of em. They are really nice decoration to living room too. :)