ptr,ptc industry-who is the next BIG THING?

@smoke_gun (1243)
July 1, 2007 12:52pm CST
these day i found it there are many ptr,ptc that atleast 1 cent per click appear,its look like there gonna be a evolution of this industry. since the first impact-clicksense,wordlinx and hits4pay,then the second impact-adbux, etc,it seems now the third impact is on the way! i joined few sites in these few days,which said atleast 1 cent per click-nemoclicks,matrixmails,clixmedia,and now guess what happen? i open my mailbox today and there is an invitation by mike(nemoclicks owner),invite member to join another new site of him-showmethemoney which is 3 cents per click! i just wonder is that ptc,ptr sites are so profitable?it seems the tough competition of industry is begun! my story its not finish yet,just now i did click on a ads in nemoclicks,and this one-advertising central ptc-1-5 cents per click!i just join it and take a look-48 clicks link is there and worth for 75 cent!horrible!can you imagine how much you can earn if you have bunches of downline? said,how do you think about ptr,ptc industry for now?do you think the old-good reputation ptr sites like donkeymails,no-minimum will change their earning system to remain members active in their site? for your opinion,which one ptr,ptc site is THE NEXT BIG THING in this industry?
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