Have you a sense fast or slow flow of the time?

July 1, 2007 4:30pm CST
Hi, first I would like to ask excuse for my bad english, I'm studying it a few month ago, I will refine it as soon as possible. now We let's go to talk about our flow of time sensation. I think that the our sense of flowing of time is important for our style of life. if you have a sense of flow speed of time, you're a rush person of those that thinking and acting in same time, while if you have a slow of time sense you are a reflective person of those that think and rethink on every thing.
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@lecanis (16647)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
1 Jul 07
I don't think I have much of a sense of time either way. I'm horrible at keeping up with time, and sometimes it seems to pass far too fast while other times too slow. I think perhaps I am actually somewhere between the two. I can spend large amounts of time in contemplation and then suddenly take action once I am ready, so perhaps that is where my balance lies.
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• Italy
5 Jul 07
Thank you for your response, You have a equilibrium when You are between two sense of flow of time,this's it can to seem an obvious remark but for me is the only approach possible for to understand our behavior in the comparisons of the life
@sid556 (30960)
• United States
5 Jul 07
First off, your english is very good...no need to appologize. For myself, the time flow changes depending on what I am doing. At work, I am so busy, the night just flys right on by and that is a good thing. In my overall life, It is only if I pause to think about the time that I realize how quickly time really does pass. I can recall 30 years ago the day my first daughter was born as if it were yesterday. It is hard to believe that 30 years has gone by.
• Italy
5 Jul 07
thank you, You have given a life lesson to me, i discocered in your words a life sense, i don't have more to add, thank you.