What genre of music do you hate?

United States
July 1, 2007 7:57pm CST
First of all let me just say that I don't want people to start flaming here! I really want to know what is the most disliked Genre of music around. My hated genre: Rap Rap has gotten so dull,stupid,typical that i can't stand hearing it at all anymore!
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@doomed1 (119)
• Canada
18 May 08
I don't particularly hate any genre. What I do hate tends to be the popular bands. They all have this core watered down sound regardless of what genre it is. They don't represent what they are known as.
22 Jul 07
I agree I don't like rap. Some of the stuff classed as "rap" nowadays doesn't deserve the title of music. Even though I am swayed towards rock/alternative I have a dislike of Metal. Its just a bit too heavy lol
@babostwick (2037)
• United States
4 Jul 07
I never got into rap so it's just something I just don't like. It's just not something I'm into. I don't know about hate but I don't like that type of music.
• United States
3 Jul 07
I really don't like country music, though I admit that some country songs are more tolerable than others and in certain situations. I also don't like pop either. It's just kinda. . .blah. Rap isn't as bad to me as country is, but it definitely doesn't do anything for me.
@heartsick (832)
• Philippines
2 Jul 07
i dont listen much to dance/electronica music.. but i like some from chicane..