Do you have a friend that really annoys you?

@Jade27 (67)
United States
July 1, 2007 8:40pm CST
Do you have friends that although they are your friends they just really get to you? I have a friend, that I love, and some things she does just drives me crazy. For instance, whenever we get off the phone she just hangs up. I will say goodbye, and then all I hear is "click." Why can't she just say goodbye?
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@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
2 Jul 07
Hi. I use to have one friend that just kept coming around to our house, if not in the late morning, it would be in the afternoon and seemed like everyday, she would come in yelling hello, help herself and boil the water for a cup of coffe, she would constently drink coffee and ask for biscuits and snacks, then one day I just had enough of it and told her to leave, she asked why and I said, because I have a family to consider, your eating our kids biscuits and school snaks, you come around to our house 5 days out of 7, and you cant even buy milk or biscuits to contribute to your visits and we are getting sick of it, we can also do with out it, all you do is run down people and look for fault in my other friends... She went crazy and verbally abused me, which I ignored, I could have easily wiped her physically, but Im a better person and decided to be honest with her and speak to her on my own. Today we dont see her as much now, Shes now doing this to one of our other friends. I have no regrets on how I handled this sitution and I like how this has worked out...
@laridbz (1287)
• China
5 Jul 07
I see this sort of stuff a lot on movies. I though it was kind of common in the US, since most movies come from there. I never had this problem, but I had a friend who would piss me off! We met in college, and she was fine at first. When we started gaining some more intimacy, she showed up to be really childish and annoying. I mean, she is a great person, always helps people, has a good heart. But no way, she is annoying, and I barely speak to her nowadays. Good luck with your annoying friend! :D
@susieq223 (3742)
• United States
5 Jul 07
I have a friend that repeats herself all the time. Most of the time I just let it go in one ear and out the other. Once in a while I want to yell "You already told me that 17 times!" Friends are precious commodities, though. We need to treat them with extra patience and care. Concentrate on the things about her that you like and those things that made and keep you friends. Think of it as your problem, not hers. You are the one that is bothered. She seems to be happy doing it that way. You ask why she can't say goodbye, which we are used to hearing; she could say why do I have to bother when we both know the conversation is over? There are so many serious problems in the world to worry about. Work on letting it go.