causes of death of peruvian guinea pigs and how to prevent them

July 2, 2007 2:18am CST
hi! i need advice from those of you with guinea pigs. one of my guinea pigs, marble, recently died. wduring the last 2 days before he died, we just noticed that he was not as lively and willing to eat as before. then when we touched him, he was so thin and he can't harldy walk.. it seems he's so weak that it's so hard for him to even lift his own body. so we decided to separate him from the rest, thinking that he could at least eat as much without the others getting his food.. but unfortunately, but there was no improvement, and 2 days later, he died... then just this morning, his offspring shilo, who's already 7 months old is looking weak also & when i give them food, she's not as eager to eat also as the others, but she's not thin like marble when he died....but there's really something wrong with her because she's so quiet and always at one side only... if you could give me some advise on what to do to make her get well, i would really appreciate it...thanks!
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