i have a terror professor...

July 2, 2007 3:42am CST
one day, i just went to the english department of our campus, i reported to the head of that department that our schedule was conflict..i showed them the schedule but their filed schedule to our course was different! they insist that, that was the copy given by the vice-president yet we have the aprroved change of this sem's schedule..then as i talk to the head's secretary a professor glared at me and said..is this the one who is saying that this department suck?! You girl you go to private universities like lasalle of ateneo! She freak out suddenly but i cant understand i didnt say anything..i really dont know and i approached to the head gently and respectfully.Then, we met our english prof at the 5th day of our supposed-to-be meeting.that is an other professor,but the prof who shouted be was his friend..so he clear things up with us,and i tell him the truth..but oh my, this gay prof keep freaking out and didnt believe me.and he keep blaming our college..he had an impression that we are all impudent students so he was challenged to take over on us.and he said that the prof (the one who shouted me) was victimized by us! how dare he was! i was victimized here because she's the one who make a scandal.i dont like this professor,but i had no choice.i dont want to take english 1 next year because of this reason..how can i get along with him? i think he hate me..because of the incident happened
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