why do we have emotions?

@mrddln (458)
July 2, 2007 5:41am CST
we as human beings have abody nad a mind. with the body, we move around and do work. with the mind, we think and experience emotions. imagine of a human being with no emotins wahtsoever. only a thinking machine who reacts to nothing emotional but makes a scientific analysis. Imagine telling a joke to him or her. They will not laugh at it, but either ignore it or anlyze the joke. They make life difficult for thise aound them. After all what is a person without any emotions? why do we have emotins at all? your computer on which you are sitting right now is a perfect machine to analyze, think and give results. it has no emotions. it is only an entelligent machine. why are human beings not like that? would life be better if we had emotions? ew would lose the charm of living if we had no emotions.let us take some situations. A death-people gather. cpmplete the ceremonies and depart. No wet eyes, no remembering the dead soul, no sense of loss.the law of nature is simple. one who is born has to die. So only intelligent understanding of that but no feeling of loss. CAn you visualize the scene? Love , what is love, if not emotion? so there will be no love. people will meet, produce children and get away from each other. No love, no romance. what about family? they may have a family for the children grow up. then the family will get separated. Coming to achievments, discoveries and inventions. why will a person wothout any emotions, feel good by acheivimnets or get excited with discoveries? So nothing great. only minimum existence needs to be met. It is the time for us now in this discussion to imagine of everything we do in life. Praftically all our actions are governed by emtions. imagine a person winning on olympics gold medal and walking away wothout any expression! we have emotions because we are not low leveled nimals. because even dogs and cats have emotions. we have emotions because they make us enjoy life. they make us perform great things and they make us human.
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• Malaysia
2 Jul 07
hmm..emotions have a significant effect on all of us, we are human beings after all. emotions can be good, they can be bad too. they can make us feel wonderful, yet at times horrible as well. emotions can be used to motivate ourselves and others. when we feel emotionally, we also feel physically. our emotions can make us comfortable or uncomfortable. we generally wear our hearts on our sleeves as our inner emotions are displayed on our outer bodies. sometimes we can project our emotions on our faces and ppl can tell how we are feeling by just looking at us. we can connect with our good emotions and discard the bad ones. that in a way, makes us who we are today, directly or indirectly.