The generation gap,is the child's responsibility or ........

July 2, 2007 6:24am CST
The generation gap,is the child's responsibility or the responsibility of the parents?Between parents and children of a generation gap problem in the wrong who?it is often said that the generation gap is time traces of a generation gap there is a natural, Conversely, no generation gap is not natural, therefore, the generation gap is also easily understood. After all, but the generation gap is plagued exchange and communication difficult, but easier to increase prejudice and discrimination formed the possibility people on both sides of the generation gap ranging mutual understanding, where he had hostility, Therefore,we will have to go through various channels to make various efforts to cross the generation gap, filling the generation gap, The generation gap is a psychological presence, contacts, allows generation to generation have linked the psychological fracture as to achieve a smooth exchange and live in harmony.Today we will discuss them,the generation gap there,in the end is the child'sresponsibility or the responsibility of the parents?How do you think?
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