has ur mylot earnings ever decreased..???

@anita212 (117)
July 2, 2007 11:30am CST
i didnt use mylot foe a few days... as in i didnt start any discussions... n guess wat.. my mylot earnings.. has actually decreased frm $0.40 to $0.39 has dat ever happnd to u...??? like if u dont use mylot has it evr decreasedfoe u too...??? jus lemme knoow... i jus stoped cos its kinda discourging hw lil' i make foe teh discussions i write... n whn i checked again... it actually decreased....!!!
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@pillusch (1148)
• Mexico
2 Jul 07
This is a very strange thing, I have read it in some other posts, too, that the earnings of people have decreased. But it appears to be a mystery science, the way your earnings are calculated and go up and down like a jojo. Funny, isn't it?
@anita212 (117)
3 Jul 07
lol very much.. her iam feelin' really sorry foe myself.. dat my discusions r jus worth a few cents... so i decide not ta write..n all of a sudden it decreases... this guy behind all this... has a weird sense of humour... wat say...!!
@sunkissed (4330)
• United States
2 Jul 07
This is true, I do not know why but at times your earnings will decrease and als you may lose some points as well.This happens to alot of people here on mylot.
@anita212 (117)
5 Jul 07
wt do u mean by points... iam new here so plz elaborate...