Investigating the speed of earthquake waves

United States
October 24, 2006 9:30pm CST
how long would a P wave take to travel 8000 km from an earthquake epicenter? how long would an S wave take to travel the same distance? Aprroximately how far is an observer from an earthquake epicenter if he or she observed a P wave 8 min after the earthquake? How could you tell which of two observers was farhetr from an earthquake epicenter by comparing the arrival times of P and S waves for the two locations? How far from an earthquake epicenter is an observer who measured a difference of 8 min 40 s in the arrival times of P and S waves? If a curve for surface waves was added to the graph, where would it appear? Explain. States along the West Coast, such as California and Washington, have much earthquake and volcanic activity. What does this activity indicate about the underlying rock structure of this part of the country?
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