Ms White 's story

July 2, 2007 9:06pm CST
An elderly woman yseterday made a legal claim against a department store bacause it had wrongly accused her of stealings a Christmas Card.Ms.Doss While,72 years old,is claiming $3000 damages from the store for wrongful arrest and false imprisonemnt. Ms.While visited the store while doing Chrismas shopping,but did not buy anything.She was followed through the town by a store manager.He had been told that a customer saw her take a card and put it in her shopping bag.He stopped her at a bookstore as she was reading a book. Ms.White said,:This man,a total stranger,suddenly grasped my bag and askes if he could look in it."She was taken back to the store and shut in a small room in full view of shoppers for 20 minutes until the police arrived.At the police station she was body-searched and nothing was found.Ger layer said the department store sent an insincere apology and they insisted that she may have been stealing.The hearing continues today!
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