Texas at will employment

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July 3, 2007 12:11am CST
Texas has what is called "at will employment". Basically it means you, or your employer can end the employment at any time, for any reason. And you can't even claim unemployment regardless of how long you were employed. The reason this has become an issue with me is that after 13 yrs. or medical retirement because I am physically disabled I decided to try and go back to work. I chose a new career because it simply isn't possible to work in the field I was before my disability. I was told on the day I was hired I couldn't miss ANY of the training. I figured it would be no problem. The first part of the training was a breeze. Just learning about the company and the basics of what we would be doing. I did great on all of the exams and was able to mentally( my medication sometimes does a number on me) keep up with the classes. The second part of training was to be project specific training( training in the department we were hired for. The guy who usually did the training in my dept. was on vacation and his replacement was just not very good or I was just not ready. I couldn't follow her because she spoke too fast. It was horribly hot in the room. I have a hand fan and even that didn't help me. I asked her privately if she would turn up the A/C. She didn't do it. The heat in combination with the stress of not being able to follow her training were too much for me. I admit I have an anxiety disorder, but it has never effected me in any major way. I have only had minor anxiety attacks,until that day anyhow. When we got our break, I stood up, got very dizzy and I had the worst anxiety attack I have ever had in my life. My husband works at the same place. There were half a dozen ppl holding me up, asking if they should call an ambulance and such. I just cried for my husband( he is my rock and my safety net)Everyone knew who he was and they got him. He ran down the hall to get me. I had several hundred ppl staring at me as I was crying and yelling I'm sorry, I'm sorry over and over again. I grabbed hold of my husband as if my life depended on it, and that was exactly how I felt. He told my trainer and his own project manager he was taking me home.A few hours later I was fine. The next day I went into work for the next day of training I was called into HR and told because I had missed the previous afternoon of training and was obviously missing some at that moment, I was being "at will released". In other words I got fired. I feel I was actually fired because of a medical problem, yet by law they could do it and with reason. I mised part of my training . Do you have "at will employment" where you live? Have you ever been fired for any kind of medical reason?
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@KissThis (3006)
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3 Jul 07
I live in Illinois and I can honestly say I have never heard of this "at will employment" before. I personally think it is terrible and unjust to an employee. Here in Illinois an employer has a thirty day grace period from the hire date to decide to fire or keep an employee. If they fire the employee within thirty days of the hire date then they don't have to have a reason to fire the employee.
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21 Jul 07
Here in Michigan we have unions but you have to be in for 90 days before they could protect you from this but i have seen people miss work in the first 90 days and they still hired them..I did not miss but i did after I got my 90 days in! but i always had a medical or got permission.. I think the employers can let a person go under 30 days..as I have not heard of this rule of "at will employment:(" but I would go to the state employent security..we call is MESC here Michigan talk to a counselor and get your rights as a Texas Citizen..good luck..they have helped my wife in the past..