Air car

@2timothy (794)
July 3, 2007 12:17am CST
Heard of the CAT (Compressed-air technology) car? An extremely low cost ($2 per recharge every 100Km; ten times less than gasoline powered cars), economical (basic $4,760 to standard $7,210), and clean car. The world's cleanest car, since it filters air before using it, it actually cleans the air rather than polluting it. Interested in owning one? Sign up
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@rabbitgt (40)
• Latvia
31 Jul 07
I also signed up for this car. Hope that it will be availabe in the spring in 2008 here in Europe and also in India. Also the price for this cars is very good compared to the most other hybrid or electrocars. Lets wait and hope that the project will have success.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
9 Feb 09
I wish some Investors would hurry up and invest in the United States company of this.. I seriously believe getting such a thing on the streets, and especially to delivery companies can shift a dramatic turn around in the economy. - DNatureofDTrain
@2timothy (794)
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
Air Car maker company MDI says that the car will be in France before June 2009 and US company Zero Polution Motors has acquired rights to build them late this year or early next year. Hope this news will not be hanging in the air for long.
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