do you believe in the Iraq war?

United States
July 3, 2007 4:59pm CST
I believe in tha cause but I can not believe it is taking so long for my daughter to come home from there. I have been taking care of my grandson for 2 years and almost 3 on July 15th. His mother has been in Iraq since he was 3 months old. I know she misses him and thinks about him all the time. I just wish he could meet his mother again on his 3rd birthday. I also miss and worry about her all of the time. When will it all end? Send our loved ones home for ever. hugs
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@mummymo (23707)
3 Jul 07
I think the whole thing has blown up more than anyone would have guessed! I feel for you, your daughter and your grandson bambi - I really do! I pray that your daughter comes home soon and builds a relationship with her son and that the weight of fear will be lifted from you! xxx
• United States
4 Jul 07
Thank you for the support I really need it at this point. She called us up last night and told us that some of them are coming home in Aug or Sept. I sure hope she is one of them if not all of them. hugs
@mummymo (23707)
4 Jul 07
I will be a shoulder for you to lean on whenever you need it sweetheart - I cannot begin to imagine how hard it must be for you all. If you need someone to talk to or even rant at give me a shout, I( won't mind at all! I do hope she does come home in August, would love it if you kept me updated sweetheart! xxx