STOP!!! before you decide quickly on another home based business.

United States
July 3, 2007 5:15pm CST
aright, im not to give no sales pitch here. im a real person. its seems that so many people are looking for the right home business and the right "work at home". well THEY ARE REALLY SOME OUT THERE. but!!! alot of people are getting work from home and home based business confused. theses are 2 different things. think about it and listen carefully, you not suppose to pay for a job. the work at home "jobs" which you must pay for are scams. because with JOBS. you shouldnt have to pay for a JOB. Even if you did jobs wont take it from you upfront, it would be from your first check. Now on the other hand, An home based business, especially if your are involving the internet, one way or another is gonna cost some kind of money. advertising, leads,nweb hosting and etc. some legitimate business do have an upfront fee. for instance the one im working with is an affiliate program i joined that only cost 9 bucks and thats all. here is the link thats what i do for now and the good thing i can say about it real people do answer the phone and you dont have to do the other products on there if you dont want to. you can just to the affiliate program. But the fact of the matter is you will have to bring traffic to that site to earn income. Keep in mind also, that there are some legitimate ones that pays and stays, and there are some that gun and run away with your money. the business on the net is no different than a business in the real world. you must invest time, stratagy, and we hate this one, some kinda money into it. dont listen to all the hype about 1000 a week or 5000 or more crap. its like this you will have your good days and your bad ones, you just have to try hard and make something happen. dont scam people with a product either that can put a real hurt on your business and your life, and for the honest companies, chances of getting new prospects will drop because of the scams that are out there. all i can say is best of luck with a legitmate home based job and business
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