Why do the Red Wings Work So Hard Just to Lose in the Post Season?

United States
July 3, 2007 8:40pm CST
I have been watching the Detroit Red Wings since the mid 1980s. I never thought they would have won the Stanley Cup in the 1980s, inspite of the great team which was put togeather starting with that Canadian Steve Yzerman ending the 1980s. I estimated how many Stanley Cups the Red Wings should have won based on what they did in the regular season. It came up to 12. The Detroit Redwings had the capacity of being one of the great sports franchises in the history of any sport...maybe. They only won 2 in the 1990s. Now, I am wondering what is wrong with this team? Every year, it is the same story. Detroit wins home court through out the playoffs and then lose to some unexpected team or a team which came up second or third in the conference or division. When will the Detroit Redwings "ever" play up to their potential when it comes to the playoffs? Why do they always lose? Yet sports writers call this a "Yankees" hockey team? I call them under achievers. I do not expect them to win any Stanley Cups in the future until they completely change the team. They need to get players who are "hungry" for the Stanley Cup. Not players who just stand around and do nothing or are a step too slow.
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@Psychosis (356)
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7 Jul 07
The Red Wings tanked in the post season for 3 reasons. #1 Their offense wasn't very effective and they weren't able to give Hasek any goal support. #2 Their defense kept making dopey mistakes and would consistently crowd around in front of Hasek so he couldn't see the puck coming. #3 The Red Wings are small. They didn't have the big guys that could bully other players around and land big hits. The Wings got pushed around by the Ducks and they just folded.
@totty1969 (1473)
• United States
4 Jul 07
I think Detroit has got a good team, they need to remember what they are playing for. They need to remember Stanley Cup! That what they need to do. They do great throughout the season the when playoff start they go down the drain. I think it is a lack of discipline or focus. If they could focus on the goal of winning the Stanley Cup, they will do better. Peace, Totty