difference between present and past teachers.

July 3, 2007 10:40pm CST
well guys do you really think there is a big difference between past and present teachers.i think the teachers of past were good enough to build a person character.they were capable enough to teach religius techings as well but nowadays we although find the teachers master in new techniques so in this respect they are better than old ones.
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@alokkarn (123)
• India
4 Jul 07
I entirely agree with you, dear yasirusaf. The moral, spiritual quality of teachers have and are continuously going down. But the capability vis-a-vis the subjects taught by them are going up. It has to do with our times and environs. A person can teach what his elders and his environs has taught him. Unfortunately we are not teaching our kids well enough in the spiritual and moral aspect. Day by day the world is becoming a free for all. The buzz word is freedomm, independence " Main chahe ye karoon, main chahe woh karoon, meri marjee!" We are forgetting that there can be nothing called absolute independence. Independence should not conflict with responsibilities towards, family, society, the nation, and to our planet. But who cares? The result is there for all to see. We are moving towards annihilation of the entire planet. Thats the fun of freedom not tempered with responsibility, understanding, and feeling for others. I know a father who left his wife, kids and old parents for a teenaged girl with whom he fell in love. His argument justifying his action is " It's my life. No one can dictate to me what to do with it. No one can take away my freedom. I have done what i felt like doing."
• Pakistan
4 Jul 07
well dear alokkarn very decriptive and good remarks by you. i agree with u in all regards.your thought is very deep and u have a long sight.
@mkirby624 (1599)
• United States
6 Jul 07
I agree...there are a lot of differences with teachers in the past and teachers today. Yes, teachers today have mastered new techniques and new ways to teach kids with different learning styles. However, discipline was a lot tighter in the past and teachers had a tighter reign on their students. They had to deal with less discipline problems in their classes because they had more control over the discipline in their classes. Now, the worst teachers can do to punish a kid is send him/her to the office. There they only get in school suspension which doesn't affect the type of kids who generally need to be sent out of the classroom. So there are good and bad in both aspects, definitely.