what vehicle do you like when you want to have a travel?why?

July 3, 2007 10:49pm CST
train ?car ?airplane? ship?or something else?and why?I like take a train,for it is very safe and I do not know how to say,it is special emotion to train?what do you think of it?
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@maximax8 (31175)
• United Kingdom
5 Jul 07
I prefer to travel by train. From the window I can enjoy seeing the landscape as the train moves along. If the train is fast like the TGV in France I enjoy getting where I am going quickly. But it can often be more relaxing when a train goes very slowly. It is interesting to meet local people on it too. When I was in Kenya I took a sleeper train from the coast the the capital. the sleeping compartment was lovely and comfortable. Whilst eating breakfast I had the delight of seeing a giraffe. Australia has some wonderful long train journeys like Cairns to Brisbane, 36 hours. New Zealand has some very scenic journeys like the Trans Alpine, past snow capped mountains. I loved the views from the train window of the stunning coastline between Christchurch and Picton.
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• China
5 Jul 07
I agree with you,now China has high speed train"CRM"has a speed of more than 200km/hour,very fast.
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• Philippines
4 Jul 07
if it's inter-city, by car, it's nice to have a long drive, you manage your time, stopovers and everything... it's nice to ride a boat as well, depending on the weather. Definitely airplane is better if it's cross country, it's faster and safer and more relax..
• United States
6 Jul 07
Even though it takes longer to get checked in to board a airplane I like to ride a plane. It takes such a short time to get anyplace. One of my friends had said that she didn't like planes because of the possibility of it crashing. It has been shown that there is more chance of car crashes than of plane crashes. I meet nice people on the planes and have had some pretty nice conversations. It is a nice way to travel and I enjoy this kind of travel.