Please hire me....

July 3, 2007 11:02pm CST
Hire me as a nanny, I know how to cook, wash clothes, clean the house and taking care of babies too...all I need is an employer specially in the U.S or Canada, I want to help my mom and bring my son and husband there. If anyone, who have a heart to hire me, please do so. I am presently living here in the Philippines and all I need is an employer and a contract to ease all my family burden. My husband is a disabled man but he can work too, my mother in law disowned us, so we are on our own. And my mom needs all the support because I want to return all the things that she have done with my family, and the best way to help/support them is to go and work abroad. I processed all my papers here and they said that if I have an employer with a mailed contract it will only took 6 months and I can start helping my family. Please, have a heart to hire me. I can really serve you. I can do all the work for you. My contact number is 3691+ 09287210810
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• Canada
4 Jul 07
I am glad you posted your request for employement here. I will make others within my community aware of your circumstances and hope other Canadians will do the same. You have obviously worked hard to prepare yourself for this huge lifestyle change and are courageously pushing way beyond your comfort zones to do it. I hope you are able to give yourself a pat on the back and feel worthy of it! You sound like a wonderful, strong woman. One who is willing to leave all that you have known to assist your family. I trust fellow Mylotters will do what they assist you as will I. My only word of caution on this with you putting your contact number on to sure you know who is hiring you and how credible THEY are. It would be advisable ask them to provide character references and community contacts so you know what you are walking into. Not to be an alarmist here...but it is important that you be mindful of you physical and emotional safety and make it a priority. I know from experience that when anyone feels desperate they don't always act in their own best interest. I hope you do my dear.
• Philippines
4 Jul 07
once again, thank you very much for at least giving time to read my post...madam, if you have a friend please don't forget to refer me...and include me on your prayers too...I know God will bless you for hearing me out...thank you very much....