what are some of the gastrointestinal manifestations of disease of the liver?

@kilayko (170)
July 4, 2007 3:56am CST
the signs and symptoms accompanying disease of the liver depend on a number of factors such as the acuteness or chronicity of the disorder,the extend to which liver function is impaired,and the nature of the response of the liver to injury.unless cirrhosis of the liver develops,the patient is not likely to develop ascites.serious disease of the liver affects to a greater or lesser degree the functioning of all parts of the body.As might well be expected,disorder of gastrointestinal function frequently accompany liver disease.many of the gastrointestinal manifestations arecaused by disorders in motility and are nonspecific,in as much as they are commonly seen in illness.they include anorexia,nausea,vomiting,flatulence,diarrhea,constipation,and cramping.anorexia are frequently observed in patients with a diagnosis of liver disease.this is of special significance in the nursing of the patient because one of the keystones in the therapy is a nutritious diet.to be of value,food must be eaten..when the patient is severely anorexic,he will usually require considerable attention and support to overcome his disinclination to eat.
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